Mascot Building Services offers a Disaster Relief Program to help clients prepare for and recover from emergencies. This program is designed to help companies manage disaster before, during, and after it strikes.

Preventing damage before it happens.

Mascot offers pre-staging services in the event of an expected emergency. With facilities secured and boarded up, customers can have peace of mind knowing that their properties are safe when a hurricane or other disaster hits. Clients have a range of preparation options available to them, and Mascot staff will respond within four hours to develop a personal plan that is ideally suited to their facilities. 

Quick recovery from unexpected disasters.

Mascot teams are equipped to respond immediately in any crisis. Services include extraction of water, smoke restoration, debris removal, carpet cleaning, reconstruction, and more. Disaster relief experts can be there within 24 hours to help restore affected sites.

Large-scale to small-scale support.

In addition to handling large-scale clean-up and restoration, Mascot offers help with the smaller tasks that are necessary for getting your company back on track. This can include installing generators, restroom facilities, tents, and mobile home or office units. The on-site staff coordinator can also run errands and set up catered meals to help operations run smoothly.

Recovering from a natural disaster takes more than just physical labor; it takes a team and a plan. Mascot Building Services prides itself on the personal care it gives to clients and their assets, offering the disaster relief experience they expect and deserve. Floods, fires, tornados, and hurricanes can happen at any time, so the Mascot team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to minimize the damage caused by natural disasters. Let Mascot’s disaster relief specialists help you develop a plan to protect your business. Call (469) 854-8601 or email for more information.