Program offers a smart alternative for retail, restaurant, and commercial building operators

Mascot Building Services has launched a new preferred service program that saves time, effort, and money on a full range of building maintenance and repair services. Mascot Total Care™ is a customized program that helps companies save on everything from routine maintenance, to repairs and emergency services.

How it works
The Total Care program begins with a scheduled facility walk-through by a trained Mascot facility specialist. This walk-through is covered by a low, pre-set fee, and includes a comprehensive assessment of your facility, and identification of future maintenance and repair issues. Customers benefit from preferred, pre-arranged pricing for any service or repair needed, now and in the future. The program is designed to provide a performance advantage for retail, restaurant, and commercial building owners and operators, through an approach that lowers the need for unplanned service calls.

Get just what you need
The customer decides the frequency and timing of facility walk-throughs, paying a small, pre-determined set price for each walk-through, along with pre-determined prices for any repair and maintenance services needed. These services are professionally and reliably self-performed by Mascot’s uniformed service technicians and affiliates.

All scheduled, planned, routine, and preventive maintenance in one program
The Mascot Total Care program is built around a customized menu of planned maintenance services that are tailored to each customer’s unique building requirements. Services include facility inspections and surveys, signage maintenance, lighting, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, painting, doors/hardware, grilles/vents, floors, ceilings, and additional services. Clients can choose the exact services and frequency of service, and arrange fees on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis.

Preferred, pre-arranged pricing on all repairs and service
Mascot Total Care clients get the advantage of preferred, pre-arranged pricing on all building repairs needed, now or in the future. These preferred prices can be structured in a variety of ways depending on customer preference, including pre-approved repair-specific pricing, fixed price quotes, time and material fee, or preferred emergency pricing.

Free customer portal for work orders and tracking at no charge
For added convenience and efficiency, the Mascot Total Care program includes free use of Mascot’s Automated Management System online portal at no charge, where customers can create and track work orders, and view profiles of their assets online.

Responding to the needs of the retail, restaurant, and commercial market
According to Rick Cashen, President and Owner of Mascot Building Services, the new Total Care program was developed in response to the needs of the retail, restaurant, and commercial building market. “The Total Care program was designed to be flexible, so that we can customize it to meet any requirement.”

The Mascot Total Care program is available on a per-facility, citywide, statewide, regional, and national basis. For more information, call (469) 854-8601 or email